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Some of Apple’s products are reasonably priced considering their capabilities. A great example for that is Apple’s current 27″ version of the iMac (2019). Contrary to the fair price for the close to base versions of the iMac, is the immense cost to upgrade said base components. Prices for adding additional RAM, storage or better graphic options are absolutely insane.




Extending iMac storage with an external SSD


Upgrading the internal storage of Apple devices yourself is often fairly difficult. In such cases buying an external storage option might be a good alternative.

iMac with Samsung's T5 SSD



If you opt for 512GB on the iMac and then buy a 1TB external SSD by Samsung, you actually pay about 200$ less than you would for an iMac with 1TB storage. External storage tends to be slightly slower than the one built in though. As long as the most important files and all programs, such as the operating system are running on the internal storage however, that shouldn’t present itself to be a huge issue. The slight loss in speed doesn’t make up for the immense difference in pricing when it comes to Apple’s devices.


Additionally it allows you to easily switch the working environment from your iMac device to your Macbook. All you need to do is plug it out of the one device and into the other. That’s especially great for huge Photoshop files, which might take a while to synchronize via iCloud. Depending on your workflow that actually provides a huge benefit and makes external storage a necessity, no matter how much internal storage your devices possess.





Samsung’s T5 uses an USB Type-C connector. It ships with both an USB-C to USB-C and an USB-C to USB-A cable for the best of both worlds.
Thanks to that it can easily be used with any Mac device. Whether you own an old or a new one, you will never need to carry a dongle for your external storage. Its read speed is 540MB/s and its write speed is 520MB/s.


There are four different color options, which are depending on the storage version you opt for.




250 GB500 GB1 TB2 TB
BlueBlue, Gold, RedGold, Red, BlackBlack


Samsung’s T5 is everything you’d expect from an external SSD. It’s built quality is solid, yet it’s very light and portable. The only downside that I’ve experienced is, that the included cable is somewhat long and stiff for a portable SSD. That’s somewhat annoying when it’s plugged into your laptop on the go. The cable can be changed however, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue; especially since it’s up to personal preference.

Samsung's External SSD T5





Samsung’s T5 is a great option for an external SSD. Its specs are similar to competitors products, while it’s priced slightly cheaper than most. The main reason for me buying the SSD though was it’s aesthetics. I found it’s design to be more appealing than many of the other available options. I’ve also greatly appreciated the wider variety of colors; even though they are limited to certain storage options.

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