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While the iMac is a beautiful machine, it doesn’t offer any height adjustment. Since you have to order Apple’s computer with a vesa mount if you want to mount it onto a monitor arm, most people are better off with a normal iMac stand. There are many options available. Most of them only rise the monitor to one fixed level though. Not only does the HiRise Pro offer two new possible heights for the iMac, it also offers a great deal of extra storage. This is especially useful if you use the iMac together with a docking station or external storage.

The stands use isn’t limited to iMacs though. If your monitor’s stand fits in the shelf of the HiRise, then it can be used together. With that, you could also place a Mac Mini into the lower department of the HiRise and use it together with an external monitor such as the Dell UltraFine 5k. Alternatively it also helps creating a nice and clean mobile setup, combining an external display and a docking station to plug your Macbook into.

Storage Capacity of TwelveSouth's iMac Stand


Material: Aluminum
Height: 4.5 in./11.5 cm
Length: 10 in./25.4 cm
Width: 8.84 in./22.45 cm
Weight: 6.7 lb./3 kg


  • All metal base
  • Magnetic grille that is reversible (one side walnut veneer, the other metal front)
  • Topped with a black leather tray to hold a phone, keys or similar
  • Opening in the back for cables
  • Four different height adjustment options for a monitor (two for iMac)*
  • Storage for peripherals such as external storage or a docking station



Less adjustment options than advertised as an iMac stand…

There are two things that are not advertised on the apple page, that are important to know. First off, there is a metal plate that can be placed in any one of the four cuts within the box. This plate is where the display will stand on. That means, that some of the space will be used by the space of the stand. That is not really an issue, it’s just something I did not know upon buying it.

The second thing is, that only the highest two adjustment options are usable with an iMac or an iMac Pro due to their big chin. So the advertised four different viewing heights only count towards external displays (if their size allows it). I found the second highest adjustment option to be the most comfortable one anyway. Therefore it wasn’t really an issue for me.. The iMac is elevated by either 7.3 or 9.2 cm. It’s advisable to test those heights to see whether it’s actually an acceptable height for you.


Showcase of the iMac stands storage capacity


iMac stand that could’ve been made by Apple…

The HiRise isn’t actually an Apple product. It is only featured in their store as an accessory produced by a third party. Twelve South does an excellent job, which strongly reminds one of the sturdiness and accuracy that is expected from any Apple product.

The HiRise is extremely well crafted and looks absolutely stunning. The color of the base is a grey that is slightly darker than the iMac’s. It complements it perfectly. The walnut front (which can be reversed) gives it a beautiful touch. That is especially the case when being placed on a wooden desk. Thanks to the opening in the back it’s really easy to route any cables from the external devices within the stand into the iMac or in the external display for that matter.

As much as I would love to leave it at that, I have to mention how clunky it can look. If the iMac is standing all by itself, with no exterior equipment besides the trackpad and the magic keyboard, then the original stand looks much more clean. The stand only helps creating a clean setup if there are several peripherals that need to be plugged into the iMac directly and can be placed within it.

While the clunkiness seemed like an issue to me at first, it can also be a feature. If you have a setup with several monitors or maybe some speakers next to it, then it doesn’t feel clunky anymore but rather sturdy, clearly showing where the center of the setup lies.

That being said though, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Whether it feels clunky to you or not, it’s undeniably well crafted and doesn’t feel degrading to your setup in any way.




At around 150$, this stand is not cheap. While being used to apple products or products based around the apple brand being very expensive, it’s still making your stomach turn a little when just having bought a brand new iMac.

Considering the built quality of the HiRise it’s to no surprise though. Twelve South doesn’t feed on having the apple brand behind it (as in being featured in the apple store), but rather of genuine care for their products. The HiRise is not the first product I purchased from them and just as the other one, it didn’t disappoint.

Praise aside though, if you are only thinking of buying the HiRise for the elevating feature and don’t need the storage capacity it hold, then it might be worth looking into cheaper options, such as.

If you have many peripherals such as external storage or a docking station and want a clean setup, then the HiRise is the best option available to you. It’s well worth it’s prize tag.

 To view the Twelve South’s HiRise Pro on Amazon, simply click here*.