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Nowadays laptops offer an incredible amount of versatility. In a small and portable form factor of only 15″, they are able to fit a dedicated graphics card and even up to an eight core processor.

In terms of raw power, they are oftentimes able to replace a desktop pc, even for tasks such as gaming. Due to their size however, they are not able to maintain a good airflow and mostly suffer from thermal throttling. While the cooling system can’t just be replaced, the laptop can at least be elevated. That way, airflow is greatly improved, keeping the entire laptop cooler. Thanks to that either the laptops performance rises or alternatively, the temperature lowers, ensuring for a longer lifespan. Some devices, such as Asus’ Zephyrus lineup tackle that problem by having a lid on the bottom. That lid opens up as soon as the laptop is opened. Most laptops don’t have such a feature though, which means that we need to rely on external help. That’s where a laptop stand, such as Twelve South’s Curve Stand comes into play.

Laptop stand by Twelve South with Macbook Pro

The Twelve South Macbook Stand  is not only good for Macbook devices:

While it’s advertised as a stand for Macbook devices, it easily works with any device of similar proportions. With that, it’s a perfect fit for any laptop between 13″ and 15″.

A laptop stand also improves ergonomics because it rises the screen to a distance, which is more comfortable. Because of that you don’t have to look down on your screen just as much and are able to maintain a healthier sitting position. For that reason alone it’s already recommended to not use your laptop on desk height every day. While it’s hard to avoid on the go, at least at home and in the office something can be done about that.

Laptop stand by Twelve South with MSI GS65 Stealth


The Twelve South Macbook stand has a subtle matte black finish, which is meant to complement the Macbook lineup, especially it’s space gray variant. That being said, it looks great with just about any laptop. It’s rather basic color scheme also allows it to fit into any setup, without disrupting any present look. It does especially well next to a black monitor, such as BenQ’s 32″ 4k variant, the PD3200U.
Thanks to it’s extremely high built quality and it’s rounded corners it looks modern and doesn’t feel out of place, even when no laptop is sitting on top of it.

Is Twelve South’s Macbook stand too expensive?

With a price tag of ~52€ it’s one of the more expensive laptops stands. I’m not going as far as saying that it’s a steal for the price; however, it’s definitely worth the premium. If you’re already owning or planning to create a high quality setup for yourself and are using a laptop for it, then you won’t want a cheap looking stand for said device. There are several other options for all those who don’t actually intend to use their laptop while being connected to an external display. The one that I’ve been using for a while (and on which I still store my second laptop) is a stand by Belk*.

Laptop stand by Twelve South with MSI GS65 Stealth next to BenQ 32" monitor


In the case that you want to use your laptop as a second display while being connected to a monitor, there’s no way you get around using a laptop stand. The free space underneath the laptop is also a great sport for your docking station. That way it’ll be in immediate reach to your laptop and still out of sight. Twelve South’s variant is both of high quality and of great design. While there are other options out there, this is my product of choice.

If you want to view TwelveSouth’s laptop stand, simply click here*.